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Every day in Huntsville ( Texas), prisoners are released from all over Texas. Most days more than hundred prisoners are released. It doesn’t matter where you have been in prison in Texas, you must first travel to Huntsville to be released .
Everyday family gathered in the waiting room at ten. The prisoners are released between 11:00 and 14:00. Everyone comes out the prison at the same time. They walk in one row directly to the Greyhound Bus Station. They are not aloud to stop on the way to the station.

In the shop at the bus station, with cheap and second-hand clothes, everyone will receive $ 100 and a mobile phone (law from the time of Reagan “Everyone should be able to be reached by mobile phone”). The presentation of the money and telephone is done by volunteers, there are no shelters by the government. Anyone who is not picked up by family (the majority) should take place in the Greyhound bus to Houston or Dallas. These buses are only for ex prisoners. Before the buses leave they pray all together with a volunteer from the local Baptist church. Many use medicine but are no longer provided after discharge.
When they arrive in Houston or Dalles they have to figured it all out for them self.